Landscaping Plans


The design of a landscaping plan, which is often neglected, is an essential element in achieving quality landscaping. The plan specifies the location and dimensions required for project implementation.

We will establish with you the type of layout you want. We will advise you on landscaping, plants and colors according to your environment, your tastes and existing components such as terraces, trees, shrubs, spa, shed, etc. We have access to several suppliers of plain pavement slabs and natural stones in order to offer you a wide choice of colors, shapes and textures.

The team at Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. is able to design a personalized and exclusive plan based on your expectations and budget. Depending on the work to be performed, we offer blue prints and for an additional charge we can offer it on 2D or 3D.

Plans d'aménagement paysager | Jardin Prestige
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