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Let Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. advise you on the development of your land in function of your environment, your tastes and of existing components. We will transform your projects in a magnificent reality!

Our experts will advise you of products and arrangement that best suits your lifestyle.


A well-designed home facade is a portrait of your personality and allows a simple glance to the ambiance you want. Hence the importance of using a competent landscape architect to advise you in the creation of driveways, low walls, stairs, landscaping and lighting, either for a traditional style, contemporary or modern.

A well-manicured and harmonious landscaping increases the value of your residence. The choice of materials and plants is essential to highlight your home. Thus, all these elements must work together to create a timeless style.

Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc., are specialists in the design and implementation of landscaping projects. They are distinguished by their design style, quality and service. Our team ensures the same attention to all projects, large or small.

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QWhat could be better than a backyard furnished with taste while being functional to enjoy the pleasures connected with the different seasons. Often, the backyard is the extension of the home; it permits you to receive family and friends through out the year.

The layout of the courtyard must therefore be well planned and functional, so that all the planned activities will proceed smoothly. It is therefore essential to provide space for cooking, eating, bathing, spa, gardening, playing, making a fire, relaxing and receiving. Without forgetting that the functionality of the courtyard must harmonize with the space and favour an intimate atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy it to the maximum. The addition of plants, fountains and lighting will allow, among other things, to enjoy the beauty of your courtyard, both day and evening.

Landscaping - COURTYARD AND TERRACE | Jardin Prestige


The decorative walls bring a perspective to the layout, providing depth and style. They provide an original way of distinguishing different areas, for example between a driveway and a rest area.

Retaining walls are used to hold land on a small surface, either on a vertical or sub-vertical wall. This type of wall is suitable for all large-scale projects and fits perfectly in an outdoor, residential as well as commercial setting.

Whether decorative walls or retaining walls, Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. will be able to bring this little extra to your development.

Landscaping - LOW WALLS | Jardin Prestige


Today more than ever, natural stone is in the forefront. Modern or rustic, natural stone contributes with its warmth and nobility in the decor of a dream garden.

From fountains to flower boxes, from staircases to walls, natural stone will bring to your outdoor amenities an exclusive personalized touch.

Landscaping - NATURAL STONES | Jardin Prestige


As a landscaping contractor, Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. takes charge of all aspects of the exterior layout. We have access to all the necessary equipment to carry out your project, including a mini excavator for restricted areas.

We ensure the evacuation of the soil following the excavation and coordinate the orders of materials, including stone and loose soil, while offering you an efficient and fast service. We take every precaution to limit damage during the work. Once the work is completed, we clear the property of any debris and leave the place clean.

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