Take advantage of the expertise of Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. to increase the value of your home with the addition of a welcoming entrance, parking for your guests, low walls to define different areas or a stylish terrace, traditional, contemporary or modern.

Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. also carries out the expansion or replacement of driveways or patios and designs spaces to integrate utilitarian elements: BBQ, fridge, decorative fountains, pedestrian paths, etc.

The addition of outside steps is also a beautiful way to mark the transition between different levels and synchronizes the whole of the project.

For more information, please contact Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. regarding the various products and options available for your outdoor landscaping. Several choices are possible with regard to the paving stone, in terms of thickness, moulding, shapes, textures, colors and protective sealant.

The installation techniques remain the same for all types of Paving Stone, however the depth of excavation and the thickness of filling with crushed gravel vary according to use. The laying of paver slabs is an important element in the quality and life of the project.

Paysagement Jardin Prestige Inc. mastered the art of laying paver tiles together. They distinguish themselves from their rivals. Their expert team has the essential skills for laying linear or modular slabs, coronation, either vaulted or with insertion of motifs or details. These small details also make a major difference in quality, durability and to the most scrutinizing eye.

Paving stone installation | Jardin Prestige


Concrete resurfacing using plain pavement tiles make it possible to cover both new and damaged concrete. Maintenance-free and non-slip, these slabs are distinguished by their thinness and resistance to stains, cracks, sun and premature wear caused by salt.
The cover can be combined with all types of cladding: pavers, low walls, bricks, etc.

Concrete resurfacing | Jardin Prestige
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